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  • Soft Wheat

Soft Wheat

  • Soft Wheat

Wheat is defined as a cultivated grass, which is grown primarily for its nutritional grains. It grows anywhere between 2 and 4 feet. The scientific name of Wheat is ‘Gramineae’ and belong to the genus ‘Tritium’. There are a wide variety of Wheat that can grow in different climatic conditions, whether it’s cold, hot or dry. It is an annual crop that grows once a year, and thus, at the end of each year, the fields must be ploughed and prepared to enable the grass to grow. It can be planted to some extent as a forage crop for the livestock, whereas the straw of the Wheat can be used to make roof thatching or as fodder for animals.

 Soft Wheat

Products like cakes, doughnuts, cookies, pastries, etc. are best made with soft wheat as it does not require the same amount of leavening as yeast bread. It contains about 6-10% protein in it.

Various Stages of Wheat Plant :

Following are the various stages through which the Wheat plant goes, before it is sent to the mills for processing:

Planting : The soil required for planting seeds requires sufficient moisture as this helps in germinating the seeds at a faster pace.

Growing : The head of the wheat plant is developed at the tip of the stem. This head contains the kernel and is pushed up as the stem grows at a fast pace. Once the kernel in the head is fully developed and become mature, the green colour present in the leaves and the stem disappears and the kernel is dried quickly.

Harvesting  of the Wheat plant is done when the kernel has lost around of 15% of the moisture.